We produce creative solutions based on innovative technology and bleeding-edge ideas for leading brands and events worldwide. Wildbytes blends a research lab where we are constantly evolving cutting-edge technologies, with a creative studio to transform wild ideas into magical experiences.

Our projects involve projection mapping, interaction, augmented reality, touch technologies, mobile, computer vision, and, of course, a bit of custom sci-fi.

Our work has received international media coverage through channels like the Huffington Post, RTVE, Forbes, Bloomberg, Time Out New York, Time Warner Cable’s NY1, o Bussiness Week. Some of our clients include National Geographic, AT&T, Casio, E-ON, Vodafone, Fox Crime or Movistar.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Julio Obelleiro

Company Size:
11 to 20

Seed (must be over 1M)