VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG


We are an Austrian start-up in SportsTech & VR and have developed a technology that you can learn any kind of body motion. Our tennis application is so authentic that real tennis games, playing from home is possible.Tennis eSports become reality with a Tennis eLeague, events and tournaments. We have been developing the technology since two years and will have a first demo available in October 2020. An international network of partners, who are experienced tennis coaches with decent biomechanical knowledge, will jointly develop and test the product at their tennis clubs in the next two years. This network will later also launch the product. The applied technologies cover video & audio fidelity in VR, highest levels of immersion, haptic feedback, real- time full body motion tracking and capture, interaction with people and objects, multiplayer games, games between locations and usage of data collection, similarity modelling, biomechanical modelling, real-time data analysis and processing using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools. The new VRML platform integrates all necessary technologies and content into powerful and universal solutions to enable multiple B2C and B2B products and to significantly improve quality and effectiveness of motion procedures. The company with its groundbreaking educational learning program is founded by two tennis freaks, Gregory Gettinger and Hans Pfleiderer. It is based upon a scientific project, accompanied by the Technical University of Vienna TUW and major industrial partners.

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Gregory Gettinger

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Pfleiderer Invest

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11 to 20

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