VirtualSpeech is a soft skills training company offering off-the-shelf courses combining e-learning with practice in virtual reality. Their award-winning courses focus on communication skills such as public speaking, networking, sales, and leadership, and it was the world’s first platform to combine web-based training with VR.

VirtualSpeech started as a VR app to overcome the fear of public speaking, with one of the Founders going from not being able to order their own food in a restaurant to being interviewed live on BBC World News in just 18 months. Now, over 300,000 people across 125+ countries have used VirtualSpeech to improve their confidence and skills.

Users learn about a topic online through videos, articles, quizzes and case studies, and then at certain points in the course they’re prompted to practice what they’ve learnt in the VirtualSpeech app. Here, they receive instant feedback on their speech through AI, including analysis of their eye contact, speed, tone, and perception. They can upload their own slides and questions, record their speeches, track their progress, and undergo mini training sessions within VR.

Clients include multi-nationals such as Vodafone and top Universities like Warwick Business School. Enterprises are able to deploy a VR solution straightaway through the off-the-shelf training courses and monitor employees’ progress through an analytics dashboard. We can also create entirely bespoke environments for them, and they can use our remote collaborative training tool, to conduct training sessions in VR from anywhere in the world.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Dominic Barnard, Sophie Thompson

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Dominic Barnard, CEO, Sophie Thompson, COO

Boost VC

Company Size:
1 to 10