VIRTUAL_DECISIONS is a unique and interactive virtual reality prototype that delivers real-life experiences for young people through the use of VR and creative arts workshops in schools and other educational settings across the UK.

ROUND MIDNIGHT have partnered with BAFTA winning Production Company BDH IMMERSIVE to create a VR experience that deals with challenging situations. The VR experience places the participants in realistic scenarios where they face dilemmas and must make their own choices which result in various outcomes.

Our trailblazing experience explores allows us to facilitate learning via the medium of interactive-VR and drama. Anonymous records of decisions made by the participants will be available in the follow-on workshops, to help the Users learn from the shared experience.

Future VIRTUAL_DECISIONS projects will include other personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) topics to be explored through immersive technologies. For example; knife-crime, drugs, cyber bullying, LGBTQ+, grooming, consent and radicalisation.

VIRTUAL_DECISIONS will enable greater 'knowledge through experience', which will pave the way to an active understanding of social issues.


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Round Midnight Ltd and BDH Immersive

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