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Trium Designs is a Gujarat based and Government Of India recognized startup in the field of Computer Vision. Having received seed funding from an Angel Investor, it started on July 2015 with a vision to create technology products that touch lives everywhere. The core team's dedication towards enabling every smartphone user with experiences of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has helped the company achieve leaps of innovation in the field.

After 2 years of dedicated research, the company has designed and developed in house, a patent-pending GPS based AR and VR display technology which will revolutionize the way we all perceive AR and VR media content. The company has designed and developed the core of the technology such that even a cheap smartphone with a basic set of sensors could play AR and VR without the need of any external hardware or software kit like ARkit or ARCore, making the technology available to billions of devices.

Using this proprietary technology and envisioning the future of mainstream media, we have created a GPS based AR & VR media sharing platform called SooperpoP, where creators from every corner of the world can upload and share 3D animated media content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for FREE. Viewers from around the globe can experience these 3D animated media content from the creators around them in AR & VR in their very own smartphones using the SooperpoP app or website again for FREE. With SooperpoP we aim at bridging the gap of commercialization in AR & VR media content and providing the power of AR and VR to the mass without the need of writing a single line of code. Creators from every corner of the world can upload such soopersims(we call these AR and VR media content, soopersims) using our Unity 3D editor extension and the whole world can browse such uploaded soopersims and watch them in AR and VR from the SooperpoP app and the website for FREE. SooperpoP allows 3D creators globally to manage an online portfolio of their AR and VR art and provides them a platform to reach their viewers without having to create separate AR and VR apps.

Play/pause 3D media, real-world walk mode, virtual fly mode, capturing photos and videos, toggle AR & VR modes, etc. are some of the many cool features creators and viewers get out of the box from SooperpoP. Creators can use the platform to upload 3D media content with 3D objects, animations, particle systems, and sounds and showcase creativity in AR/VR without writing a single line of code. SooperpoP gives tons of options to customize the viewing experience of your 3D media content so that creators can show it in the best possible way to entertain or educate your viewers. SooperpoP can be used for showcasing 3D Game Trailers, real-life scale architectures on their exact GPS locations, VR walk-throughs of architectural marvels, custom interior designs of houses and flats, brand promotions, Real life scale product demos, 3D music album, etc. Truly, at SooperpoP, creativity is the limit.

The SooperpoP platform can be used by unity professionals to provide a wide variety of 3D content services to a wide range of clientele with use cases in entertainment, education, 3D product demos, brand promotions, game trailers, architecture showcase, etc. Please visit Creatopia page @ and learn about becoming a creator on SooperpoP.

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Company Info:

Year Founded:

Ankit Patel & Sanket Kale

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Ankit Patel - Founder & MD, Sanket Kale - CoFounder & CEO

Pankaj Patel (Angel Investor)

Company Size:
1 to 10

Seed (must be over 1M)