Tribe of Pan

Tribe of Pan is a Toronto-based immersive studio, specializing in volumetric capture and content production.
Tribe of Pan developed a pioneering stereoscopic volumetric camera system for capturing people for use in AR & VR applications.
Combining the strengths of 3D cinematography and depth cameras, our system can produce an incredibly vibrant and live-like video that expresses a spirit and sense of humanity that even the most sophisticated photogrammetry based solutions cannot capture.
Our system balances the strengths of the mono-sensor with the fidelity of stereoscopic capture. As filmmakers, this has allowed us to capture the most authentically feeling interview footage ever put in the virtual reality. It's easy to travel with and deploy just like a standard full-body video interview set up.

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Joanne-Aśka Popińska, Tom C. Hall

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Joanne-Aśka Popińska, Tom C. Hall


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1 to 10