ThirdEye Gen, Inc.

ThirdEye is a leader in Augmented/Mixed Reality Smart Glasses and Software Development. Our X1 & X2 Smart Glasses and Enterprise Software Platforms are used by organizations around the world.

AR brings about a new era of human interaction – via directly interacting with surrounding objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) or placing digital info directly into your Field of View.

ThirdEye has hundreds of software developers creating apps ranging from games to entertainment to enterprise applications and an App Store. ThirdEye’s products are retailed around the world.

From every day consumers to Fortune 500 companies- ThirdEye is bringing the power of Augmented Reality to them. Augmented Reality has the potential to change so much of the way the world operates & At ThirdEye Gen, our vision is to help generate the future.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Nick Cherukuri (CEO)

Family Office

Company Size:
11 to 20

Series A