TetaVi developed and offers a portable volumetric video capture system. We create high fidelity holograms from living people and objects for AR/VR/XR. Applications include media and advertising, gaming, remote entertainment, telepresence, VFX film, broadcast and 5G uses.

Our 4-camera portable studio does not use green screen, nor markers and provides real time streaming and high frame rate. The studio can be set-up at any site, including talent's home, within a few hours. The studio complies with social distancing guidelines.

TetaVi creates life-like digital assets by using ai-based processing algorithms that enable the nuances, movements and speech of a person come to life. We help bring a realistic, personalized experience directly to the consumer.

TetaVi customers and announced collaborations in the EU, APAC and the USA include Maccabi Basketball League, Hollywood producers, Film Documentary “Bystanding”, SamsungXR (SDC19) and others. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, TetaVi maintains a presence in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo through its offices and portable studios.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Dr. Miky Tamir | Micha Birnboim | Avi Klinger

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Gilad Talmon, CEO | Micha Birnboim, Tech Lead | Moshe Karako, VP Product & BD | Sefy Kagarlitsky, VP R&D

Dr. Miky Tamir, Marc Rowan and Aaron J. Stone from Apollo Global Management and equity fund (as private investors), ADWays, REDDSCapital and PIX EPSILON

Company Size:
21 to 100

Series A