Cameras so far have been successfully trained to recognize human faces, but no one has built a similar technology to recognize physical outdoor locations. For the first time, Sturfee has created a computer vision solution that is trained to recognize places on the ground using images from satellites circling the globe. This computer vision platform empowers a user’s camera to instantly recognize surroundings and pull 3D building geometry and ground plane data derived from the satellite sources to give AR applications city-scale spatial understanding. The result is a highly scalable solution capable of powering AR across entire geographies. To give an example, we can enable a San Francisco-sized city in just a week, and detect and update any ground changes even faster.

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Anil Cheriyadat and Harini Sridharan

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Anil Cheriyadat (CEO) and Harini Sridharan (CTO)

SIG Asia, GFR, CRCM Ventures, Asahi Media Lab Ventures

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11 to 20

Series A