Discover your XR superpowers!
Simmetri is a fully-featured creative playground with an interactive in-app learning system that teaches you how to build 3D and VR experiences. Its powerful custom-built 3D engine was designed to let you learn, play and create.

· Learn to create immersive music videos, interactive VR experiences, music visualizations, games and more.
· Go deep with hundreds of tweak-able properties and elements that can be animated with timelines, signals, pulses and more.
· Play and experiment using physics and in-built toys without coding.
· Export your creations directly as your own application (.exe), through the Steam Workshop, or performed live as interactive projections (full version only)
· Lua Scripting: For coders or those learning to code, a built-in code editor enables endless interactive possibilities.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Amedeo Mapelli

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Amedeo Mapelli CEO, CTO. Nir Darom COO

Bootstrapped, Family and Friends

Company Size:
1 to 10

Seed (must be over 1M)