Seengene Inc.

Seengene Inc. is an AI company that focuses on Mix Reality technology. The mission of Seengene is to digitize our 3D world and implement interaction between virtual content and the real world by its spatial intelligent engine and high definition visual map for both indoor and outdoor environment.
The product system of Seengene consists of software, hardware and cloud service. In software product line, we customize AR solutions for clients, we also have SDK for user terminals, such as mobile phones, tablets and smart glasses. The hardware product line is consisting of untethered smart glasses with free form curve optics, industrial monocular eyewear and environment 3D visual information scanning device. By scanning device, one can scan both interior and exterior large space very efficiently, such as shopping malls, airports, factories, hospitals and other various buildings. The scanned and processed 3D information can be used for reconstruction and localization. The cloud service hosts all the 3D data and AR interaction content data and provides computing services for SDK on user devices.
Seengene has founded a co-research laboratory with renowned Peking University to tackle the hardest computer vision problems relied by most intuitive mixed reality user interactions.
The vision of Seengene is to help many clients from various industries such as cultural tourism, marketing, security and industry with its AI technology to improve their efficiency and experience.
Since established, Seengene has served many clients from various industries and received plenty of praise from them.
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Zheng Siyao, CTO

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Leo Liu(CEO), Zheng Siyao(CTO)

Legend Star, Beijing Jinke Hightech & Innovation Ventures, Guyin Fund

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21 to 100

Series A