ROAR is an AR platform that is a CMS and mobile scanner for creating and deploying branded experiences. The ROAR web platform is a simple web-based, drag and drop CMS that allows customers to create AR targets, add text, photos, video, 3D models and animation, audio and CTA buttons. The AR can be tested and deployed to our off-the-shelf scanner, and customers can self-serve to sign-up for a subscription. Many customers eventually level-up to a white-label solution, or integrate our platform in their mobile app. Others have engaged us to create customizations of the mobile app, or to create the AR content for them.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Steve Curran

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Steve Curran (CEO)

Oksana Sokolovsky, Rohit Mahajan

Company Size:
1 to 10

Seed (must be over 1M)