A depleted labor pool, high turnover rates, equipment and product damage, injury and death. What do these all have in common? Outdated training and engagement programs for today’s labor force. Our mission is to Onboard, Train, and Maintain the new-collar workforce with our Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning Solutions. The Real-Forklift VR Training Simulator is the first in a family of products aimed at addressing the growing labor shortage in the US through effective, fun, and engaging training. With both premium and mobile options, we offer cost-effective and flexible solutions for organizations of all sizes. From VR equipment training to AR warehouse training, we aim to make our Real Platform and Command Post mobile app the Lifecycle Management Hub for the 23-million new-collar workforce using a simple additive subscription model to give everyone access to the training they need. The 80s can have their VHS videos, books, and paper tests back.
Two simple plans to meet all your workforce needs.
- Assess and Onboard Plan: Reduce hiring and training costs
- Train & Maintain Plan: Reduce churn, increased engagement, and reduce safety and inefficiency related costs.

"Virtual reality (VR) speeds training – This technology-based, interactive training immerses the operator in a computer-generated environment that closely resembles the job. VR technology cuts training time in half for new operators." - GE Appliances

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Mike Morgan, Peter Chronopoulos

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Mike Morgan, CEO/President || Peter Chronopoulos, VP Sales


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