RealityBLU provides a flexible and intuitive delivery platform for all types of AugmentedReality experiences or campaigns. Brands and advertising agencies utilize RealityBLU’s products to implement marketing campaigns seamlessly through effective, rich media AR experiences.

Our tools were created to give designers, marketers, and agencies a proprietary product suite to internally build and distribute AR experiences with no technical coding requirements. This designer-friendly platform provides complete ownership and control of assets, marketing messaging, rollout, and strategy for internalAR initiatives

These tools, branded as the BLUairspace®Product Suite, manage, deploy and measure AR campaigns across any industry and supports every AR workflow, including Markerless, Marker based, Location based and our new offering, Personalized AR.

RealityBLU provides customized workflowsthat enhance the user experience though white label / bespoke offerings, providing clients a premium on the relationship with RealtiyBLU as we continually audit the market to understand, project and implement additional offerings that may be beneficial to an end user and develop the tools accordingly.

Overall, the focus of RealityBLU is to enhance the end-user experience while providing our clients limitless flexibility to deploy AR in their advertising and marketing campaigns

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Stefan Agustsson & MJ Anderson

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Stefan Agustsson, CEO; MJ Anderson, CXO

self funded

Company Size:
11 to 20

Seed (must be over 1M)