Neutral Digital

Neutral Digital is an end-to-end immersive content creator focusing on the aviation sector. We leverage the latest in VR, AR and 360° video technology to do cutting-edge, awe-inspiring work — from marketing experiences to digital training and design, we have an unrivalled skillset.

Until recently, the aviation industry relied on heavy, physical and mechanical infrastructures for training people, designing spaces and marketing service. The arrival of 360° video technology helped, but was just the tip of the iceberg. Neutral Digital leads the way in fully immersive CGI experiences for learning, creating and engaging, and we’re educating a whole industry in parallel.

Neutral Digital works with clients across the sector, including having delivered major projects with Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and IATA.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Adam Randall; Christian Grou

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Adam Randall (Partner); Christian Grou (Partner); Greg Caterer (COO)


Company Size:
21 to 100

Seed (must be over 1M)