Monsarrat – The Next Big Thing After Pokemon Go

Johnny Monsarrat was founder and CEO of Turbine, which Warner Bros. bought for $160MM.

His new company, Monsarrat, is building a striking new AR and MMO technology platform that improves upon Pokemon Go by dramatically increasing player retention and monetization.

Monsarrat has an offer to build a game on this tech platform from a $10-billion Hollywood franchise, the size of Harry Potter or Star Wars, which may be disclosed privately.

Monsarrat is uniquely qualified to build this platform because its staff previously invented MMO gaming, now a $30B industry, at Turbine, with "Game of the Year" hits like Lord of the Rings Online. Many more Hollywood offers are in the pipeline for 2019.

The team includes Brian Sullivan, co-creator of $1B-selling Age of Empires, Henrik Strandberg, former Director of Free to Play at Sega, and Eddy Del Castillo, who created Command and Conquer.

CityLights, an AR/VR production company, has offered royalty-based lead project financing to Monsarrat, provided that Monsarrat can raise significant additional funding. Previously, CityLights CEO Joel Newton founded The Virtual Reality Company, with 'Alien' director Ridley Scott as executive producer and Steven Spielberg on his advisory board.

Monsarrat is now raising the remainder of its financing. Contact Johnny at or [email protected]

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Johnny Monsarrat

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Talentdin Io SL

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1 to 10

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