IS Studios

We are a Lean AR/VR Studio focused studio with a passion for working with clients and businesses that share our vision of an augmented future. We started developing on the HoloLens and as new AR tech becomes available, we strive to become subject matter experts on each one. We are currently developing tools in-house to provide seamless sharing between platforms, such as iOS and HoloLens, and mixed-architecture/Asymmetric gameplay based on platform. Our goal is to create tools to allow any industry to pick up and implement AR / VR / MR into their workflow in a meaningful way, and avoid pushing technology just for technology’s sake. For that reason we include a discovery and research phase for most work we take on. We want to make sure that the tools we develop are useful in everyday use, because why make something that will never be used? It can be difficult to decide which route to take in this ever advancing industry. In order to overcome these challenges we begin by examining potential solution candidates to help decide which works best for the use case. After development cycle we work closely with our clients to ensure our solution is working as intended, there is no friction in the user flow and there are no major flaws present.

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Charles Poole

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