House Party

Originally founded as Meerkat, Houseparty found popularity among Generation Z users. Facebook tried and failed to emulate its strategy through its app, Bonfire, and eventually sought to buy the company, but Houseparty was acquired by Epic Games in June of 2019. Led by CEO Sima Sistani, Houseparty registered 17.2 million new installs in March 2020, making it the most downloaded app in 82 countries, including the U.S

Houseparty has in-app games that are integrated into its video call software. These games include several versions of Ellen DeGeneres’ wildly popular game “Heads Up!” as well as a “Pictionary”-esque game called “Quickdraw” and an imitation “Cards Against Humanity” game called “Chips and Guac.” Houseparty also offers the ability to keep a chat open to all of a user’s friends and contacts on the app, or users can lock a video call and choose to keep it to just a few friends. Users can also add friends from Snapchat, their contacts or by name.

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Sima Sistani