Holo-Light offers one of the most collaborative Mixed and Augmented Reality software suites to improve industrial engineering workflows. The Augmented Reality Engineering Space "ARES" enables engineers to visualize, manipulate and share 3D CAD data - leading to shorter development cycles and seamless product designs.

With Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality "ISAR" the company also created a remote rendering solution to visualize high-polygon content via local or cloud processing power. In real size and time, with every detail, and without using polygon reduction. A SDK also makes it possible for developers to craft their own bespoke remote rendering AR solution.

Holo-Light´s software solution package is complemented by "Stylus XR", an AR input device with Artificial Intelligence based tracking technology. Allowing AR users - for the first time ever - to perform millimeter-accurate work, measurements and movements in a Mixed and Augmented Reality environment.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Florian Haspinger, Susanne Haspinger, Alexander Werlberger, Luis Bollinger

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Florian Haspinger (CEO), Susanne Haspinger (COO), Alexander Werlberger (CTO), Luis Bollinger (CMO), Michael Oberlechner (CFO), Helmut Gulde (CCDO)

EnBW New Ventures, Bayern Kapital, innogy Innovation Hub

Company Size:
21 to 100

Series A