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We are a non-profit organization that is born from the University of Alberta's Rehabilitation Robotics Lab. We create and use virtual reality technology/simulations to drive forward the future of the way we interact, heal, learn and communicate. ELIXRites (that's us) have been creating simulations within the university to make learning faster, smoother and a little more fun. The results were amazing! People loved it and they learned better. The issue was that as we created these really compelling, effective simulations, they never made it to the general public. There wasn't a network that could help us produce for the greater good. We created this network for you so that you can come to use XR tech in your schools, your workplaces and in your hospitals. ‚ÄčNot only do we produce stunning, quality XR content aimed for mainstream adoption, we also de-risk the production process by cultivating raw talent and de-risking the development process. We have established a connection between private enterprise, post-secondaries, public enterprise and students to build what we call a Content Creation Network (CCN). ELIXR believes in sustainability and pragmatism. We believe that it takes some to give some which are why we developed the ELIXR Commercialization Network (ECN). Through ECN, we have established a mechanism for XR distribution from those who want it to those who need it while simultaneously ensuring that your product is held to the best quality standards and practices that navigating through a new field does

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Martin Ferguson-Pell, Valery Dufour, Courtenay Badran , Vivian Mushahwar, Robert Haennal

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Martin - CEO, Courtenay - Chaos Coordinator, Valery - Design Futurist, Gigi - BDM

ST Innovations, HealthCity, Alberta Innovates.

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1 to 10