Founded in 2012 by Jake Rubin and Dr. Robert Crockett, HaptX is a technology company that simulates touch sensation with unprecedented realism. HaptX Gloves enable natural interaction and realistic haptic feedback in virtual reality for the first time. HaptX is… Read More »


Rokid is a Chinese startup founded in 2014 by computer science Ph.D. and serial entrepreneur Mingming Zhu. Before starting Rokid, Zhu was head of M-team for Alibaba Group, leading the company’s deep learning, natural language processing, and vision development efforts. In addition to AR glasses, the company is focused is on the research and development of speech and imaging technology and a line of products that include smart speakers, and digital assistants that integrate AI and computer vision. The company has raised over 158 million dollars. Read More »


MERGE is the creator of the MERGE Cube and MERGE VR goggles, the only VR headset for kids, as it is made of soft, flexible foam. MERGE is focused on developing Cube-based education experiences for the classroom. Read More »

Magic Leap

Magic Leap was founded by serial entrepreneur Rony Abovitz in 2011, and launched its first AR headset, the Magic Leap One Creators Edition, in August 2018. Magic Leap has raised 3.4 billion dollars, 37% of all money invested in AR in the past five years. In order to create multi-planar spatial computing, Magic Leap had to develop their own optical system, chipset, and operating system. Read More »


Kopin (NASDQ: KOPN) creates innovative technology that has enhanced the way people see, hear, and communicate for three decades. Kopin company develops and manufactures technologies required for wearable computing headsets for the military, consumers, or industry. The company has contributed to the development of head- mounted displays for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, created the Golden-i, a wearable headset reference design for industry, and collaborated on wearable products for AR hardware makers like Vuzix, Motorola Solutions and Recon Instruments. Read More »


Emteq is a wearable platform for collecting and analysing emotional and physical responses. Our technology is designed to integrate with Virtual Reality headsets, and ‘Everyday Reality’, using glasses to provide rich information to researchers and content creators. EmteqVR™is a simple… Read More »