We develop a collaborative platform in augmented reality, allowing multiple users to interact with 3D objects as if they were real. Our platform is cross-platform so a Hololens user and an ARKit/ARCore user can work together seamlessly. It can be… Read More »


VNTANA software empowers companies to easily create interactive, personalized customer experiences with built in data collection across multiple platforms. Our patented hologram platform automates interactive content creation and data tracking to help brands create engaging experiences with proven KPIs to… Read More »

Ubimax Inc.

Ubimax is a wearable computing company founded in 2014 creating both hardware and software for augmented reality. Their Ubimax Frontline software suite is a collection of their four AR-enabled services: X-pick, X-make, X-inspect, and X-assist which provide AR-enabled warehouse picking, assembly instructions, data interfaces, and remote assistance respectively. Read More »