We have developed Gini to scale the knowledge of workers using AR. Gini makes the content creation as easy as the AR based training itself. Thus the first time AR based worker training becomes scalable. We enable the trainer (knowledge… Read More »

Scope AR

Scope AR was founded in 2011 and builds AR software solutions for enterprise customers focusing on frontline workers. The company’s solutions include AR-enabled maintenance diagrams, animated CAD models, and remote assistance. Read More »


RE’FLEKT is a Munich based technology company that enables any business or industry to create their own in-house Augmented and Mixed Reality applications. By making AR and MR affordable and scalable for business, RE’FLEKT’s ground-breaking human-centred platforms empower anyone to… Read More »


Visometry is the maker of VisionLib, the world’s best SDK for tracking and augmenting 3D objects. It’s super accurate and super robust. Get a free developer account at Read More »

Make Real

We make immersive digital products. We make state-of-the-art immersive experiences for use at work, at home and on the move. This helps you test and meet emerging customer needs, gaining many business benefits, including PR. Our contribution is to help… Read More »


Valorem is a digital transformation firm focused on driving change with hyper-scale and agile delivery of unique digital business services, strategic business models and design-led user experiences. Through the expertise of our people and the power of Microsoft technologies, our… Read More »

Masters of Pie

Masters Of Pie are developers of ‘Radical’ the immersive collaboration platform for enterprise. The Radical SDK enables software vendors to integrate native support for AR/VR/MR & mobile devices directly into their existing software portfolio to provide cross-package, secure collaboration for… Read More »

Twenty Billion Neurons

Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN) is a common sense A.I. startup that leverages deep learning to build intelligent avatars that redefine the way humans interact with AI. Having built the world’s first life-sized situated A.I. avatar (named “Millie”) that can understand… Read More »


On-X group provides consulting services for digital Transformation. Our AR / VR Business Unit delivers consulting, development & deployment services for applications in the industrial Sector. We can advise on building the business case for such technology and we can… Read More »


Most of the VR/AR (virtual and augmented reality) content that exists today has been developed by teams of highly talented and technical individuals with experience using professional 3D Engine or with a background in programming. The steep learning curve and… Read More »


Hexa is an AI based 3D market network that is disrupting the way 3D content is created. Their technology, across all 3 main focus categories (Fashion, Furniture and consumer electronics), makes it easy to create, scale and distribute 3D content… Read More »


At Holo-Light we have the vision to merge the real with the digital world supporting workers in the industrial players. We are a software development company providing technology, which enables the efficient usage of Augmented Reality in industrial scenarios. With… Read More »

Virtual Method

Virtual Method is a Sydney-based Systems Integrator and Creative Agency, that specialises in Augmented & Virtual Reality. We introduce, analyse, create and integrate immersive content and strategies across three pillars of Enterprise & Brand: 1) B2C/B2B Marketing and Sales driven… Read More »


Arvizio’s MR Studio™ platform provides a multi-user and multi-site shared mixed reality experience for working with 3D models from CAD/BIM systems or complex real world 3D scan/LiDAR data. Features include the ability to walk through designs at life size, align… Read More »

We develop a collaborative platform in augmented reality, allowing multiple users to interact with 3D objects as if they were real. Our platform is cross-platform so a Hololens user and an ARKit/ARCore user can work together seamlessly. It can be… Read More »


VNTANA software empowers companies to easily create interactive, personalized customer experiences with built in data collection across multiple platforms. Our patented hologram platform automates interactive content creation and data tracking to help brands create engaging experiences with proven KPIs to… Read More »

Ubimax Inc.

Ubimax is a wearable computing company founded in 2014 creating both hardware and software for augmented reality. Their Ubimax Frontline software suite is a collection of their four AR-enabled services: X-pick, X-make, X-inspect, and X-assist which provide AR-enabled warehouse picking, assembly instructions, data interfaces, and remote assistance respectively. Read More »