3XR empowers brands to enhance their online experience with engaging 3D content. Our platform provides a solution where brands can utilize a... Read More »

Kognitiv Spark

Kognitiv Spark has been empowering frontline workers through AR software solutions since 2016. Their flagship RemoteSpark software offers a... Read More »


JoinPad is active in the industrial sector since 2010. The company develops and distributes Augmented Reality and Context Computing software solutions, including the related consultancy, aimed at simplifying the customer’s industrial business processes, providing innovative tools to interact with the environment. Read More »

360 Alley

AR Experiences for Products and Services

360 Alley helps organizations create greater customer engagement and experiences through Augmented Reality. Within our Education practice,... Read More »


VirBELA improves the way people learn, collaborate and innovate together, while geographically apart. Read More »