Our mission is to combine Apps + Humans and never let that balance go underestimated. Our vision is to leverage current cutting edge hard... Read More »


Virti’s mission is to make experiential education affordable and accessible for everyone. Virti uses virtual and augmented reality coupled with AI to transport users into difficult to access environments and safely assesses them under pressure to improve their performance. Read More »


AMA's cutting-edge solutions combine skill-based expertise with head-mounted technologies to share real-time data and knowledge between experts and remote workers. This allows them to increase work efficiency, simplify knowledge transfer, and decrease environmental footprint by reducing travels. Read More »

The Wild

The Wild is an immersive collaboration platform that uses virtual and augmented reality to help architects and environmental designers save time and make better decisions by experiencing their work together, remotely in a shared virtual space. Read More »

Flow Immersive

Flow Immersive is a web authoring and presentation platform for remote or in-person meetings and works across all devices (AR, VR, Tablet, CPU, Mobile). As opposed to being a generalizable meeting tool like Zoom, we focus less on Avatars and more on how to transform data and diagrams into a spatial, interactive workflow. Read More »


XR2LEAD works globally and is a small women owned business for US Govt. Contracting as well. Besides government and commercial sector work, XR2LEAD has a keen focus on water related sustainability initiatives. This includes, water wastewater utilities, Water conservation, The Blue Economy, Living Buildings and Wave Energy, Read More »