zSpace is an education technology creator and was founded in 2003 as a data visualization company. The principals came out of education software, and the company pivoted to serve the K-12 market in 2009. zSpace computers are used by a million students a day in classrooms and computer labs around the world. The company was named “Best in Show at ISTE” by Tech & Learning Magazine for three consecutive years and was ranked two years in a row on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. Read More »

New Territory

New Territory is a company that creates virtual and augmented reality experiences for customers. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio and with a global reach, New Territory provided virtual and augmented reality solutions for both people and companies. We consult and assist… Read More »


Hexa is an AI based 3D market network that is disrupting the way 3D content is created. Their technology, across all 3 main focus categories (Fashion, Furniture and consumer electronics), makes it easy to create, scale and distribute 3D content… Read More »


ARwall is a Los Angeles-based technology company inventing the next evolution of digital filmmaking. Known for creating the first interactive AR display that requires no VR or AR headgear or smart device, ARwall technology shrinks the need for a huge… Read More »


Arcturus creates stories, games, and live-action immersive experiences and the technology that drives them. Compelling XR content is driven by great narrative combined with interactivity; this combination requires a deep understanding of storytelling, play, and engineering. HoloSuite is our capture… Read More »


VNTANA software empowers companies to easily create interactive, personalized customer experiences with built in data collection across multiple platforms. Our patented hologram platform automates interactive content creation and data tracking to help brands create engaging experiences with proven KPIs to… Read More »

Epic Games

Founded as Potomac Computer Systems in 1991, Epic Games is the creator of the Unreal Engine, as well as the Unreal, Gears of War, and Infinity Blade game series and the ever popular Fortnite. The Unreal Engine powers many of… Read More »

Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is the developer of the Unity game engine which powers 2D, 3D, and VR Games as well as other 3D applications. Founded in 2004 as a game development studio in Denmark, the team switched focus from game development… Read More »