BUNDLAR specializes in augmented reality (AR) solutions for businesses and institutions. We are a market leader in developing AR mobile applications with innovative technology built on our core platform consisting of a web API, Content Management System (CMS), and Mobile App Framework. BUNDLAR provides a variety of AR solutions including PublishReality for printers, publishers & marketers, eXpoReality for trade shows & conventions, and CampusReality for higher education and museums, as well as custom branded applications.

The BUNDLAR Platform makes it easy for businesses and institutions to integrate innovative augmented reality (AR) technology into their communications that benefits their customers, employees, and vendors. BUNDLAR delivers an easy to use AR content management system (CMS), proprietary application programming interface (API), data analytics reporting, and mobile app platform.

Learn more at www.BUNDLAR.com.

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Year Founded:

John Martin, Matt Wren, Gareth Davies, Zach Martin

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
CEO: John Martin, CTO: Matt Wren, Gareth Davies: Lead Developer, Zach Martin: CMO

Claudia Schneider, John Enright, Donald Koilbassa, Patty Becker, Bruce Becker

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1 to 10

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