ARGO develops technologies to build new business models and experiences for the PRINT industry. We offer our clients a set of tools to deploy their content in both physical (Augmented Reality) and digital worlds (Email, web etc...) at scale. Tools offered to our clients include : - An online authoring tool and management platform to create, manage and deploy the interactions you want to overlay on top of your documents; - A mobile app that can be branded with your brand that can scan all the printed version of the visuals/pages uploaded to the platform and display the interactions you have created in Augmented Reality; - A PDF reader (Augmented PDF) that allows to share the electronic version of your document on the web or by email and allow your customers to also benefit from the interactions created from the platform when they open the documents from the desktop; - Our online platform has also advanced tracking capabilities that allow gathering detailed stats about how your documents are viewed whether it is in the physical or digital worlds. With more than 200 clients in a variety of sectors (Publishers, Retail, Tourism, Travel, Local authorities, bank...), our ambition is to be the leader of augmented Print. We are a team of 30 with offices in Montpellier (French Tech Totem), Paris (Station F), Montreal and New York. ARGO was nominated and made it to the final for the Best Creator and Authoring Tools athe las Auggie Awards during AWE.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Pierre Addoum, Guillaume Pineau-Valencienne, Christophe Bossut, Guy Le Hénaff

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
CEO : Pierre Addoum Head of Sales : Guillaume Pineau-Valencienne

French Family offices, Groupe Revue Fiduciaire, Groupe Prenant

Company Size:
21 to 100

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