Arcturus creates stories, games, and live-action immersive experiences and the technology that drives them. Compelling XR content is driven by great narrative combined with interactivity; this combination requires a deep understanding of storytelling, play, and engineering. HoloSuite is our capture agnostic platform for the post processing and distribution of volumetric video. This suite of tools allows creatives to adjust, tune, and finesse volumetric captures to fit their artistic and production goals.

HoloSuite supports several key areas:

  • Auto-rigging of volumetric assets enabling dynamic and manual retargeting;
  • Retargeting;
  • Seamless looping;
  • Real-time sequence blending;
  • Retouching;
  • Tunable compression.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Devin Horsman, Ewan Johnson, Andy Stack

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Devin Horsman (CTO), Andy Stack (COO), Ewan Johnson (CCO)

Company Size:
11 to 20

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