Arcona AR Metaverse connects real and digital worlds together into a single information space - Social Network in AR, which is designed for interactive everyday user experience with multimedia content in real-world around us. Using just one single camera of any mobile device we build digital 3d model of the world on the cloud. With the feature map we recognise the environment, position the mobile device and the content in the real world with high accuracy. With Arcona service of remote placement of content outdoors in changing environment, the user doesn’t need to be present in location to merge an AR content with real landscape. Any user, without technical skills, using Arcona development tools, can create AR project on fly. Share it with the rest of the world by placing it remotely in exact location in real geographical coordinates. Allowing the users simultaneously to dive into the mixed reality world around them. We invite the people from the virtual space back to this real world and give the way to augment the world with already habitual content. Main advantages of the Independent AR Platform: Cloud based SaaS - digital space for storage, processing, tracking and interaction with the 3D content in the real world. Marker-less remote placement of the content outdoors in changing environment. Accurate Depth determination with mono camera. Low-cost 3D Mapping using one single camera on user’s mobile device. Mobile SLAM and moving object masking. Marketplace - connecting the users on p2p network.

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Daniil Girdea CBO ( , Ilia Korguzalov CEO ( , Diana Sorina CMO (

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AR Metaverse

Valentin Torres del Solanot (

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11 to 20

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