Andreal - Beyond Reality.
Andreal was born as a culmination of a long cherished dream to bring the left and right brain together to create marketing communication with the new media and the evolving medias e.g, AR & VR. Andreal was founded with the mission to create 360 degree communication for its clients with a strong empasis on storytelling utilizing all the conventional and digital channels available and to become available in the near future- e.g, AR and wearables.

As the technologies in the field of AI, machine learning, AR, VR, 5G, IOT, and Neuroscience are fast converging to inevitably create a world that moves us from the neanderthal man to the homo erectus. Not far are the days when we will be waving and winking and gesturing and speaking to interact with the digital media. All these changes that are inevitably happening all around us and it is only a matter of time before these will become ubiquitous and the demand for content will skyrocket. It is to adress this need for content that is engaging and immersive, interactive and interesting, that Andreal has been formed.

In the changing scenario Andreal is providing 360 degree services for our clients from Brand Creation to Awareness through conventional, new and emerging channels.

We work with them to create experiences that are within the conditioned reality and extend these experiences beyond this reality through the virtual imagery of the as yet unborn, un-constructed, un-realized and pre-create the environment they would like to share with their target audience. Through these content the audience will not only experience but also immerse and interact with the Virtual World. In fact with Augmented Reality it is now possible to combine the physical world with virtual elements in a manner where the boundaries are greatly blurred and soon it will be extremely difficult to differentiate between the two. Using these technologies alongwith Artificial Intelligence and extremely high internet speeds of the 5G and beyond it is possible to create high definition experiences to be accessed in realtime. On the other hand gesture tracking and eye tracking have advanced rapidly to extend the digital interaction beyond mere fingertips and voice. Advances in Neuroscience will make it possible to interpret thought patterns and enable much more meaningful interaction. The augmented reality advances from the mobile to the wearable is round the corner. Microsoft has already started selling their Hololense commercially. Apple is slated to start their shipments in a couple of years and a whole lot of other companies are working on this technology. It is a matter of time when we will move from the hand held to the wearable. We are poised to provide content in this fast changing technological environment.

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Rishika Kajaria Bhattacharya

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Angel funding

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11 to 20

Investment of 100000 USD