AKULAR converts your 3D models into Augmented Reality
(visit akular.com to create an account and upload your 3D models)
-plug in the GPS coordinates of your development, so you can experience your project in the actual surroundings
-with tablet or phone, walk in and around your 100% scale model as if the projects were already built
How to use the app:
- scan the floor
- choose the model from the menu
- in preview mode:
- -play with model scale, position, rotation
- in geo-location mode:
- -go to the actual position where
- - adjust your GPS position and orientation
- - adjust model orientation if needed
- - view, walk in and out around your 100% scale model

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Jan Hroncak & Martin Rapos

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Jan Hroncak, CEO

Martin Rapos, COO

Company Size:
11 to 20

Crowdfunded, Seed Venture