Advrtras has pioneered the use of 360 content for marketing & advertising at scale on mobile.
With our new SaaS platform, brands, agencies and content creators can create & distribute highly engaging immersive, 360 degree ads and marketing content using 2D assets or 360 degree media. Ads work across existing programmatic ad buying ecosystem (Google, DV360, AppNexus, Oath, Trade Desk, leading DSPs etc) and marketing content can be hosted locally on brand web pages, apps etc. It’s a better way to do display advertising and content marketing and simply a more engaging way to connect with consumers. We see, on average, anywhere from 10% to greater than 45% of consumers who see an immersive ad on mobile will intentionally interact with it! Our proprietary, patented and patent-pending technology is best in class. Email Laura if you want to know more: [email protected] or sign up for our immersive content builder:

Enterprise, Marketing

Company Info:

Year Founded:

Robert Bruza, Laura Barton & Sam Vidal

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Robert Bruza, CEO; Sam Vidal, CTO; Laura Barton, CMO

Private to date

Company Size:
11 to 20

Series A