About XR Directory

Thanks for visiting XR Directory.

The goal of this site is to build a comprehensive list of companies in XR – VR, AR, MR – and everything in between. When we first started the directory, we thought it would be best to focus exclusively on AR to make it more manageable. That was a mistake. After the Convergence of 5G and AI in a latency-free cloud, most immersive computing devices, specifically HMDs, will be able to do both.

Companies included in XR Directory are able to post and manage their own listings. The only requirement is that listing companies have raised over 1M or have revenue over 1M. I know this excludes many small companies and independent producers, but a directory full of small developer teams and/or freelance contractors would shift the focus from growth oriented XR start ups and established public companies most useful to researchers like myself. Listing companies are on their honor. I would only police only the most egregious misrepresentations.

Fine print: Listing is free, but for reasons both legal and practical, companies whose profiles are in this directory understand inclusion is a courtesy, and not a right. We reserve the right to edit and/or remove free listings at our sole discretion.

I hope you find this ad-free resource as useful as I do. Feel free to email us your thoughts, questions and concerns at [email protected].