3D Talo Finland Oy


3D Talo Finland Oy is a XR solutions company that is specialized on resolving challenges of engineering, machinery and industrial design.

We produce advanced XR technology based software and services, which grant businesses far-reaching benefits. We also provide laser scanning of various environments and objects, photogrammetry and 360 photos and videos.

With our technologies and methods, we create whole new worlds or turn the existing one into an artificial form. This allows us to apply them for wide variety of purposes.

Our house is built by engineers, software developers, game developers and designers. In the background, one can find award-winning companies and decades of combined experience.

We have participated in many successful collaborations for example in machine industry and AEC. We know for a fact, that understanding the users’ experience is the essence of developing groundbreaking applications.

Company Info:

Year Founded:

JP Hakoluoto , Iiro Naamanka , Sampsa Kuha , Matti-Juhani Pekkanen , Pauli Rissanen , Tuomas Korhonen , Sandor Nagy , Juha Timonen , Teemu Wilander, Ville Nyyssölä

CEO(s)/CTO(s)/Other Officers:
Tatu Säisä(CEO) , JP Hakoluoto(CTO) , Iiro Naamanka(CSO) , Teemu Wilander(COO)

TMR Invest , Crane Hill Invest , Moose Industries , Raimo Nikkilä , Heikki Kulusjärvi

Company Size:
21 to 100

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