3d Hologroup, Inc.


3d Hologroup, Inc. will be focusing exclusively on designing and creating 3d models and the software to provide for interactive Augmented Reality entertainment that can be run on AR devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens, the Meta 2, Magic Leap and other devices. The company will offer monthly and annual subscriptions for use of unlimited downloads of the characters and the respective software. The primary method of monetization will be to charge a monthly subscription fee. The secondary method of monetization will be to sell fully customized characters based on the subscriber’s description (build your own). A third method of monetization is to provide in-app purchases for accessories for the model or the scenes. A fourth method is to incorporate ads into the scenes developed for our applications. Finally, 3D Hologroup Inc. will sell solutions and services that allow other companies to take part in the Augmented Reality revolution.

We truly believe that Augmented Reality is the next technological revolution and in the future AR devices will replace the majority of the electronics that people own including smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, televisions and stereo systems. We are committed to helping to bring this technology to the masses. We look forward to helping companies realize their market share in the Augmented Reality space by designing and developing Augmented Reality solutions for companies. If you are interested in partnering with other companies who share the vision of Augmented Reality and serving companies who want to bring Augmented Reality into their technology solutions.

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Greg Partin

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Greg Partin


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1 to 10